1. Schultz Appendix of Christian Resources
  2. GospelCom HomePage - List of Resources
  3. Singing News Magazine (Gospel Music Resource)
  4. Good Southern Gospel Page
  5. Concert Schedules
  6. WWW Bible Gateway
  7. Good Religion Site
  8. Spiritual gifts (Excellent article discussing the charismatic movement, but much deeper than that!)
  9. Treatise on Calvinism versus Armenianism (excellent!)
  10. Present Testimony Ministry Articles More like the previous two articles
  11. Calvin Web Site
  13. Christian
  14. Christian Classic Ethereal Library
  15. Gospel-Net (Chicago Christian Resources)
  16. Big List of Christian Resources
  17. Dr. Fudge articles
  18. Christian Books On Line
  19. Big List of Christian Resources
  20. World Scripture (possibly useful for comparative religion studies)
  21. Links for Thinking Christians
  22. Friendship Youth Fellowship
  23. National Charities Information Bureau
  24. Lyrics site (excellent)
  25. WWTO homepage
  26. Movie Reviews
  27. Jacob's Well
  28. Sermon Illustrations
  29. Chorus scores
  30. Interesting theology page
  31. Songquery (look up sources for songs)
  32. Interesting view on inerrancy and canonicity
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