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Ah, the joy of being with the birds. I suppose a large percentage of boys and young men dream of becoming a pilot. When I discovered there was a United pilot in our church congregation that used to teach flying at Purdue University and Ohio State University who donated his time to instruct persons interested in flying, I jumped at the chance. I haven't been active for a few years now, but hope to get back to it some day.

I don't exactly have a gallery, but I do have a picture of a Grumman goose that's used in British Columbia in fire fighting operations, and a picture of one of the two Martin Mars water bombers based at the same site. I also have a derivation of the formula for bank angle required for a given turn rate at a given velocity, but you'll need some calculus background to follow the derivation; the formula itself involves a trig formula, but you can use the formula with a calculator even if you never saw a trig formula!

Here's a site that has words and music of Air Force songs from WWII and the Korean Conflict. Great site!

This page needs some work; I need to put in some additional details about these links, but here's the aviation links I've found interesting.

  1. Aviation weather and Notams
  2. TAF explanation
  3. Metars including foreign
  4. Simuflite (Real Audio)
  5. Weather service (NOAA)
  6. Upline from previous link
  7. Aviation
  8. Chicago Approach Audio (supposedly!)
  9. Harvard Aviation Directory
  10. Another aviation page
  11. Aviation Poetry
  12. Text-based Model Forecasts
  13. Illinois Text SA's
  14. U. of Ill. Weather Machine
  15. Institute of Aviation's Weather Server
  16. The Avion Online Newspaper
  17. rec.aviation
  18. The Boeing Company
  19. Lift indexes (gifs) [hasn't worked]
  20. Air Cruise America: Nostalgia Air Tours in California
  21. Interactive Weather Browser
  22. FAA-info user's guide
  23. Aviation Nova Scotia
  24. FAA Information Services via World Wide Web
  25. Welcome to AVweb, the Web magazine for aviators!
  26. Southwest Airlines Home Gate
  27. Welcome to the Flightline Aviation Archive
  28. Wally's TERPS Page
  29. UNOFFICIAL Rec.Aviation WEB Page
  30. Aviation Servers
  31. Aviation Digest
  32. Access to FAA airport and navaid information
  33. American Airlines Home Page
  34. Airlines On The World Wide Web (Text Only Version)
  35. Gav's Aviation Page
  36. Charlie Alpha's Aviation Home Page
  37. Leading Edge Aviation Services
  38. Marc-David's Chunk of the WEB -- Airlines of the WEB
  39. WWOF Home Page
  40. Aviation Weather
  41. METAR code
  42. New Aviation Weather Formats METAR/TAF
  43. Canadian Aviation Web Page
  44. Railroads, Ships and Aircraft Homepage
  45. The Weather Channel ® Home Page
  46. Astrodyne Aviation Specialists
  47. The Aviator's Hangar
  48. Manitoba Aviation Page
  49. Internet Business Air News
  50. Douglas
  51. Aviation Connection @Flying.Net
  52. A Tribute to the Douglas DC3
  53. Great DC-3 site
  54. Calgary Aero Space Museum
  55. The International Aircraft Page
  56. USA and World Weather including OHare NexRad Radar
  57. DUAT (10000674 - 8)
  58. Smilin' Jack's Airport Page
  59. California Airspace (Live)
  60. Globalair
  61. AirNav
  62. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Aviation
  63. Totavia Aviation
  64. Links to sale sites
  65. Pierce Homepage
  66. Seaplane Home Page
  67. Airliners of the Past
  68. Another Old Airliners Page
  69. Grumman Goose Page
  70. Goose Serial Number Info
  71. Lots of Goose photos
  72. Goose Book Web Site
  73. Catalina Goose Site
  74. mail info on mars
  75. Pilot Shop
  76. AOPA HomePage
  77. SeaWings (Books and Models)
  78. Good online travel source, no password
  79. LowestFare
  80. On-Line Travel (Usual password)
  81. On-Line Travel and FLIGHT LOCATOR (NEAT!)
  82. Another flight information source
  83. One more on-line flight information system
  84. Intellitrip Travel Service
  85. Aircrafts Com
  86. VRML movies of DC-3
  87. BookTrader Home Page
  88. Some links
  89. Weather and live radar
  90. Landings Links ( good site for aviation links)
  91. Air Traffic Controller's Handbook
  92. Air Traffic Controller's Page
  93. CyberAir
  94. Arjen's aviation links (HUGE!)
  95. FlyteTrax flight tracking system - neat!
  96. An IFR training diary
  97. OnLine AIM
  98. Pilot Controller Glossary
  99. Aviation Weather Center Forecasts
  100. USA Today Pilot's Weather Page
  101. Some Weather links
  102. Interactive ATC display

    A couple good weather sites:

  103. Institute of Aviation Weather Server
  104. Aviation Weather Center list of products
  105. Good explanation of atmospheric stability and instability
  106. Test Pilot's Story
  107. North Atlantic Tracks
  108. Aviation Index (good site)
  109. Links to airlines
  110. Weather info password - the usual
  111. List of airline home pages
  112. Interesting Chicago Airport Page
  113. Applet to compute airspeed (Interesting!)
  114. Goose Message Board
  115. Goose Message Board Archives
  116. Goose Data Base
  117. Xantus VSTOL aircraft
  118. Taxi Diagrams
  119. Chalks Airlines
  120. FBO web (flight tracker, other aids)
  121. Big list of aviation sites
  122. Aviation Formulary and also spherical trig formulas
  123. See How It Flies Nice site with lots of flight instruction tips
  124. OnLine Magazine, good slide shows

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Date last modified: 3/10/01

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