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Obviously, mathematics is one of my great loves in life! I guess I like things that are precise. Here are some of the web links to math sites I like to surf. This page needs a lot of house cleaning; someday I'd like to put in more info on some of the better links so folks who get to this page will have a better idea of what's where. Maybe next week (I said "precise", not perfect!). Incidentally, the first link is an explanation of why Simpson's rule is exact on cubic polynomials which I created. The second link is a geometric proof for the irrationality of the square root of 2 which I wrote up since I couldn't find it on the web. The third through eighth links are also to things I've written.

As of November 8, 2007, I think I've deleted a bunch of dead links. Would still like to add more notes to some sites, but in spite of being retired, man, do I keep busy.

  1. Simpson's rule and cubic polynomials
  2. Geometric Proof That The Square Root of 2 is Irrational (and also an algebraic proof)
  3. Geometric Proof that the golden ratio is irrational
  4. Algebraic Proof that the golden ratio is irrational
  5. Construction of a Regular Pentagon
  6. A second construction of a Regular Pentagon
  7. Primes, Polygons, and Polynomials (A Word document discussing Mersenne Primes, Fermat Primes, Constructible Numbers, and Constructible Polygons Using Some Theory of Complex Numbers)
  8. The Cosine of 2π/17, the crux of the heptadecagon construction (Word document)
  9. Some powerpoint presentations
  10. A wonderful math limmerick
  11. ARUME site (Association for Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education)
  12. Fascinating list of math/physics bookmarks
  13. E-Tutor
  14. Cut The Knot (fascinating site)
  15. Harvard University Department of Mathematics
  16. Pi through the ages
  17. Chronology of Mathematicians
  18. Index of Ancient Greek Mathematicians and Astronomers
  19. sci.math
  20. Calculus&Mathematica
  21. Symbolic Integrator
  22. History of Mathematics (Good one!)
  23. Steve's Dump
  24. The Geometry Forum
  25. NEW Frequently Asked Questions in Mathematics
  26. MathSearch -- search a collection of mathematical Web material
  27. Mathematical Quotation Server
  28. Ask Dr. Math
  29. The Globewide Network Academy
  30. Mathematics Archives Calculus Resources On-Line
  31. Mathematics Archives WWW Server
  32. Women Mathematicians-Chronological Index
  33. Fred Rickey's Home Page
  34. Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway
  35. The Mathematics On-Line BookShelf (TM)
  36. Andrew Cumming's Home Page
  37. Penn State Department of Mathematics
  38. Chinese mathematics history
  39. Frank Potter's Science Gems
  40. Calculus animation files
  41. Great site on Archimedes
  42. Mathematica Home Page
  43. Chance Database (Statistics stuff)
  44. Statistics Education Stuff
  45. Math in Movies
  46. U. of Mich. Gateway Testing Program
  47. AMS Math On The Web
  48. Math Forum Internet Collection (also stunning!!)
  49. Fibonacci Home Page (fascinating!)
  50. Links to several Fibonacci pages
  51. Science News Homepage
  52. Academic Systems (Mediated Learning)
  53. CyberCalc (tutorial)
  54. Math history listserve web page
  55. Hawking Home Page
  56. Pronunciation Guide
  57. First Use of Various Math Symbols
  58. Famous Curves in Mathematics
  59. TEX site for DOS
  60. Primus Homepage
  61. A Prime Numbers Page
  62. MacTutor Math History Page (Good!)
  63. Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics (Good!)
  64. Playful Thoughts Page (Interesting - Includes Large Numbers Page)
  65. Exercises in Math Readiness (Possible source of calc problems too)
  66. Story of Wolfskehl Prize.
  67. Another LIFE site
  68. Other Education Toons
  69. Jumpiness (alternative definition to epsilon-delta)
  70. Math in the Movies
  71. Calc 4 Quizzes OnLine
  72. Multicultural Math Links
  73. Java Math site
  74. Euler and Latin Squares
  75. Set of online math exercises
  76. Resources in Math (nice list)
  77. Calculus Resources provided by TJ
  78. WhoseHeadIsIt?
  79. Proofs-that-p
  80. Powers of 10 (Java)
  81. Another Pythagorean site
  82. Amazing number Pi
  83. Pi In The Sky (Journal)
  84. Illinois Section of MAA
  85. Logic Puzzles
  86. Optical Illusions (Good page, requires flash)
  87. What's interesting about n? (Covers many integers)
  88. Optical Illusions (phenomenal)

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Date last modified: 11/8/07

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