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Relational CPR: Christ Powered Relationships





8:00               Breakfast


8:45               Welcome


9:30               Winnie Christensen


10:30             Break


10:45             Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask


11:45             Morning Wrap Up


12:00             Lunch


1:00               Crowdbreaker/Music


1:30               Winnie Christensen


2:30               Break


2:45               Small Groups


3:45               What did you get from today?

Small Groups



Faith Read                 Wendy Roe                        Madeline Mead

Katherine Lewis                Valarie Epperson                Sara Beach

Kim Latimore                Julie Lee                        Joanne K

Mary Pat Nagel                Lynn B                        Deb Murphy

Norma Martinez                Cindy Read                        Jannene Hansen

Ruthi Marcus                Pam H                        Beth Conover




Jacklyn Campbell                Robin Copeland                Joy Roehrig

Kelly H                       Shiela Anderson          Sherry Higgins

Peggy Read                Vicki Camp                        Melodie Dean

Sharon Drucker                Valerie Suler                Joyce Mays

Karyn Fortin                Cindy Chase                Ruth Solomon

Sharon Mead                Sue Zanis                        Junia Epperson


Small Group Questions



What is your greatest stress right now in relationships?









What is a relational secret that you need to bring out of the closet?









Where are you struggling right now in relationships?

1)    With God and others









2)    With Christians and Non-Christians






What do you struggle with the most in controlling your what you say?












What can we pray about for you today?


EI just wanted to let you know:




This was written as a rap/song. So as you read,

think in terms of saying/singing it aloud.



T-R-U-S-T, Lord,


Make my heart new

My thoughts renew…

Help me to trust in You.


How hard it is som days, Lord

To keep my thoughts on You.

They wander down a different path

And leave me in a stew.


Are you, sure, my old self says,

That God is always there?

Isn’t He too far away

To really, really care?


T-R-U-S-T, Lord.


Make my heart new

My thoughts renew…

Help me to trust in You.


Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego—

They put their trust in You;

You saved them from the fiery flames

And met then there, too.


And then Old Neb didn’t understand;

He sent Dan to the den.

But Daniel just relaxed a bit

And prayed to You again.


T-R-U-S-T, Lord,


Make my heart new

My thoughts renew…

Help me trust in You

Now, when those thoughts invade my mind I call on your great power.

It quickly boots the stray thoughts out and helps me not to cower.


You give me peace when times are rough;

You still my ragng soul.

You teach me what I ought to know

To putyou in control


T-R-U-S-T, Lord


You’re in my heart

You’re in my mind

How can I not trust You!


                    Madeline Mead












Calm yourself down now--

Don’t get all uptight.

What James has to say is Aokalright!

First, you change your alphabet

So Others comes before I,

And that takes care of just about

Every suggestion from this guy!


Be alert to the devil’s schemes,

And “Just Say No” to all his dreams.

Numb the tongue to gossip and meanness

And get rid of all that world-like rudeness.

Open the ears to advice from God

And put yourself firmly in His Squad!


God will start wih some necessary pruning

And follow it up with a little fine tuning.

The first thing you know you’ll be casting His Light

And others will smile at this beautiful sight.

And you’ll be A OK ALL RIGHT!


Thank you, James!


Madeline Mead




I want my own way, Lord, I really do--

Even when it leads me away from you.

Everything revolves around me;

Sometimes I am all I seem to see.


Yet deep down in my soul

I know that you should have control.

Only You can elad me through

This world’s tunnel and its retinue.


Today I want to make a change

And let you my life rearrange.

No more me, myself, and I

“God is first,” will be my cry.


Help me focus on Your Word

And follow through with what I’ve heard.

With you my joy will be renewed

As I focus—not one me—but on You.


Madeline Mead