To get solar indices, finger

  1. Amateur Radio Exam Practice Page (with code)
  2. Buckmaster
  3. QRZ callbook
  4. QSL Route Server- DE IK4LZH
  5. Another QSL Route Server
  6. List of callbooks (including foreign!)
  7. South African Call Book
  8. Amateur Radio Club of the University of Arkansas
  9. The Online Repeater Database Project
  10. Links, Links, Links.
  11. Amateur Radio WWW site of DK0TUI at Technical University of Ilmenau
  12. Fascinating story of a marine SOS
  13. Maritime Radio Historical Society (Very interesting)
  14. Amateur Radio World
  15. The Gort House
  16. WB3FFV BBS (login: bbs)
  17. The Potomac Valley Radio Club Home Page
  18. F5JTL/WX3W Home Page
  20. UALR's Amateur Radio Club Home Page
  21. Current Solar Forecast
  22. Another Call Sign Server
  23. Amateur Radio Operator
  24. Amateur Radio & Funny Stories
  25. The Raymond Sarrio Company
  27. www.Repeater database (U.S. Open repeaters)
  28. ARRLWeb: Welcome!
  29. Naval Observatory Clock
  30. Naval Observatory Telnet Time
  31. Amateur Radio Virtual Library
  32. Radiostar Home Page
  33. Buckmaster World Wide HamCall(tm) Server
  34. Amateur Electronic Supply
  35. Ultimate CW Site
  36. Ham links (W1AW sked among other things
  37. Ron Schmar's page
  38. West Hawaii Amateur Radio Page
  39. CW shareware
  40. Armstrong material
  41. Keys and Adjustments
  42. Antique Radio Supply
  43. QRZ Morse files
  44. Interesting cw site
  45. Source for surplus stuff
  46. Adjusting a bug
  47. ARRL W1AW code practice sessions
  48. ARRL Introduction to Morse (with big Q-sig list)
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