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I'm still a little surprised I was enticed into this hobby. I swore after college physics that I'd never look at another electronic diagram again (it was not my favorite part of the course). But being right next door to the college ham club "shack" at Huntington was just too tempting. I discovered that going at my pace to learn it, I didn't find electronics all that onerous. I received my Novice license in February of 1973, upgraded to general a few weeks later, upgraded again to advanced that spring, and a year later upgraded to extra class. Unlike many hams, I found the code to be a lot of fun, and I still spend most of my time on the ham bands using Morse code. If you're interested in ham radio, the web page of the American Radio Relay League contains links to some introductory material on the subject.

If you're already a ham, here's my ham radio bookmarks. They aren't very well organized (this is another file that needs a lot of work). The homepage of our local radio club, the Fox River Radio League has a pretty well organized set of bookmarks. I've been a member since 1980. Incidentally, my ham radio callsign is WB9LTN. I'm also a member of a group of cw (morse code) enthusiasts known as CFO (Chicken Fat Operators).

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Date last modified: 8/27/06

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